Silence – Noise – Lightness – Force
Inspired by bands like Cinematic Orchestra, Björk and Radiohead, YENGA blends trippy beats with psychedelic elements, musing melodies and dynamic guitar- and bass riffs. Stirring short-stories about little things with big consequences.

„We don’t want people to dance, we want them to trance“


analogue trip-rock/nu-jazz
from the Netherlands, Germany and Catalunya

YENGA are:

Stella Polaris – vocals/vibraphone
Sietse Iedema – guitar/synths
Niko Dolle – bass/synths
Marc Laguna – drums



With its roots from all over Europe, the sound of YENGA is shaped by the long and cold winters of the north, as well as the hot summers of the south.

In 2013, at about the same time Marc decided to leave Barcelona to move to Enschede, Niko and Stella left their hometowns in Germany and headed towards the same Dutch city. It is at this urban heart of the eastern part of the Netherlands where they ran into each other. But it wasn’t until Sietse joined the circle, that YENGA was born in 2014.

YENGA is Silence. Noise. Lightness. Force. Each song feels like building up a fragile tower, which eventually falls and rebuilds itself. An everlasting circle. Trippy beats which blend with psychedelic elements, musing melodies and dynamic guitar- and bass riffs result in an energetic, yet intimate musical experience.

Having inherited her grandfather’s 70 year old vibraphone in 2015, Stella introduced it to the band and by now its warm and wide sound has become a major feature of YENGA.

In February 2015 YENGA played their very first gig and only 8 months later the band members found themselves hitting the road and heading towards England. In the meantime YENGA had done several shows in the Netherlands and Germany. In May 2016 the band released their first EP 23/23, recorded at the Horus Sound Studio, Hannover.

YENGA live takes you on a mysterious, surrealistic trip you never experienced before.