Maksymilian Podleśny

Maksymilian Podlesny was born in Zakopane (1988), where he finished high school of art with luthier specialisation.

At that time his great passion was also  to  play on the bass guitar and different drum instruments.

The first course he took was  graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. He gave up graphics to study sculpture  and Is currently studying for his master degree in this area. 

While studying he also worked as an antique furniture restorer. 

He mainly focuses on deconstruction issues, surface tension, naturally formed forms, shaping forms combined with sound.

 In between the courses at the Academy he worked at Wojciech Topy’s workshop as a luthier, suporting local culture in ambient campaigns promoting the city, touring, organising drawing workshops at the Warsaw PR Academy, representing local gallery of art at international open air. He has  dealt with design issues, re-design and also cooperated with a jewellery workshop WW. He  designed scenography. for a Comedy Club as well.He has always been linked with alternative and underground environments. 

At present Maksymilian lives and studies  in Gdansk where he   is the co-founder of a design -artistic group/ workshop which   focuses on linking traditional artistic techniques with modern methods of processing paintings, sounds and sculpture.