Maksymilian Podleśny

Maksymilian Podleśny was born in 1988 in Zakopane where he gained his luthier experience at the Antoni Kenar State High School of Fine Arts in Zakopane.

He spend his free time mostly playing on bass guitar and percussion instruments. In 2007 he start education in Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, at the graphic department, than he decided to do Sculptures, now is graduating from his master degree in Sculpture department.

Meanwhile he was working on antique and mid-century furniture reconstruction.

He is focused on the question of deconstruction, the surface tension and natural shaped forms, by sound.

Time between studying he spend working in Master Wojciech Topa’s Workshop, making instruments. He supports local Culture with ambient campaigns promoting the city, concerts and drawing lessons for Warszawska Szkola Reklamy. He was also representative of the local Art gallery in international open air sculpture competition.

Living in Warsaw he was collaborating with WW goldsmiths workshop, resolving design issues and re-design, than making scenography for comedy club, always strong involved in alternative, underground ambient.

Now is creating in Gdańsk, one of the co-founder of an independent Art group Design studio, which is focusing on linking traditional artistic techniques with modern methods of processing painting, sound and sculpture.