Jacek Hoły

Jacek Hoły born in 1983 Zakopane.
Polish multidisciplinary artist whose main medium is the technique of linocut .
It creates a large black and white presentation of ancient archetypes of European art in pop culture filter of contemporary aesthetics.

Born in 1983r.
1998 – 2003 Artistic State High – School A. Kenara in Zakopane
2003 Sculpture diploma in prof. Andrzej Mrowca studio
2003 – 2011 Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk Artistic Education Graphic Design
2011 Diploma in linocut prof. Janusz Akermann studio.
Graphic Design annex prof. Sławomir Witkowski studio.

Self commentary:
I have been working on my dissertation for three years. My work is a series of large format engravings. Its purpose is to show how multidimensional the art of the linocut is.
Working on the matrix was painstaking and similar to the work of an archeologist, whose role is to dig out mythological pieces, the roots of Western Civilization, out of the pop culture’s mix.
The unframed, loosely hung prints constitute black and white report on the progress of my work and show the essence of the linocut.