Camps Breakerz

Camps Breakerz crew have established in Nusairat refugee camp, The Palestinian territories-Gaza in 2003 by Moh Ghraiz (Funk).
After he realized how hard living in Gaza without human rights and peace, he responded and reacted to make changes. Dancing
was his method and way to changed and impact the community of Gaza to dance often. Break dancing is his favorite dance style
because the people of Gaza prefer super energetic and expressive activities. CB Crew have been performing and hosting dance
classes and workshops since 2004 in Gaza Strip, Germany, and USA. We have very touchy dance style which was founded to carry
and represent the people of Gaza and others who live difficult conditions looking for love and peace. We include drama and
self-expression to connect and attach the audience with our performances. CB Crew discovered the importance of dancing and
art for the people of Gaza. We have been supporting and promoting all kinds of arts in the Palestinian territories.
We have founded the first Breaking school in the history of Palestine in 2012 by the help and support of amazing individual
people around the global. We chose the name of Camps Breakerz to show and reflect good images about the refuge camps in Middle East
to people all over the world. Few dancers moved to other countries to spread the message of the school of CB Crew in different
flavors which influenced by both of the cultures of Gaza and their new recidence. Ghraiz moved to the States and he represents
the school of CB Crew through performing, teaching and speaking about the importance of CB Crew dance role in the Middle East.
As as well as few dancers who moved to Germany with Ghraiz’s brother Ahmed seeking for better life and dance experience.
They still carry our core message represent our homeland.